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Guangdong Opaly® New Material Technology Co., Ltd.


Guangdong Opaly® New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of mineral-filled polymer composite materials. The production base is located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, covering an area of ​​more than 60,000 square meters. It produces 800,000 square meters of solid surface sheets, 1 million square meters of quartz stone and 100,000 sinks & bathtubs customized products.


In order to enhance the competitiveness of the product and combine the development trend of the industry, Opaly® has established a long-term technical cooperation relationship with the School of Chemical Engineering of Sun Yat-sen University to research and optimize the solid surface sheet formulation system, production technology and process conditions, and to “high anti-fouling of solid surface sheet”. The “Functionalization and Performance Technology Research” project was jointly developed and jointly built a functional solid surface sheet research and development center in Guangdong Province. 

Through joint cooperation, Opaly® make full use of the advanced equipment and instruments of universities and research institutes to solve many technical problems in material analysis and manufacturing processes and promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Provide strong technical support for the upgrading and quality improvement of the company's products, improve research and development efficiency, optimize enterprise technology innovation, and promote technological advancement of enterprises.

With a positive attitude, mature production technology, advanced production equipment, and nearly stringent quality requirements, Opaly® regulates every aspect of production to ensure that each product is of superior quality. The technical strength and other aspects are in the domestic leading position, and have outstanding competitive advantages in the peer industry.favored by both domestic and overseas customers. , exported to Europe, United States, Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East countries.

Quartz Stone Production Division

Opaly® quartz stone production division has 4 molding lines, all of which use advanced automation equipment. The production line is intelligent, stable and efficient, and the production sheet width is 1.62 meters.


 Opaly® quartz stone series products have passed the testing and certification of the national environmental protection, health and safety authorities such as the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) standards, and can be in direct contact with food, which is healthy, safe and reliable.


Opaly® quartz stone is made of natural quartz stone particles, high hardness, wear resistance, novel color, strong anti-fouling performance, environmental protection and no radiation. It is widely used in hotels, restaurants, schools, banks, hospitals, laboratories and other public places and family countertops, floors, wall decoration.

Solid Surface Production Division

Opaly® solid surface material production division has 3 automatic casting molding lines, which are composed of raw material batching system, mixing system, pouring system, baking system, sanding system and packaging system, which can manufacture the widest sheet. 1.52 meters.


Opaly® acrylic solid surface material is made by vacuum casting of 100% acrylic resin mixed aluminum hydroxide powder and other raw materials. As shown in the material table, it can be polished and renewed, showing that the product continues to be bright and noble. There is no pore on the surface, oil stains and water stains are not easy to penetrate into it, so the anti-fouling power is strong. 

The same material can be seamlessly spliced, heated and bent freely, without cracking, and the plasticity is the characteristic that other decorative materials do not have. It liberates the designer's thoughts and interprets the best materials for creativity. It has the advantages of non-toxic, non-infiltration, easy cutting, color can be arbitrarily formulated, and the shape can be cast freely.


Opaly® solid surface products meet the GREENGUARD environmental certification and the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) standards. They can be in direct contact with food, anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistance, no bacteria, and good flame retardancy. Opaly® solid surface are available in pure acrylic and modified acrylic series, widely used in office buildings, airports, schools, theaters, residential and other fields, but also can be used in large vehicles such as trains, airplanes, ships and other vehicles. It is a building decoration material designated by many well-known enterprises.


Classic engineering case: Beijing National Aquatics Center “Water Cube”, Shenzhen Baoan International Airport T3 terminal, Dongguan CGV Star International Studios, Guangzhou Dongta, Shenzhen Large-scale local landmarks such as China Resources Vientiane World has adopted a large number of solid surface materials.

Bathroom Customized Product Manufacturing Division

Opaly® customized products are made from environmentally friendly resins, natural colored quartz stone sand and aluminum hydroxide powder, which are stirred, cast and carefully polished. With mature technology and fine craftsmanship, we produce various specifications of basins, sinks, bathtubs, quartz stone sinks and all kinds of special-shaped artificial stone products, from independent design to production and processing, providing one-stop service.

Product advantages: product appearance is simple, elegant and generous, high surface smoothness, good strength and toughness, scratch resistance, strong abrasion resistance, antibacterial, easy to clean, easy to repair, etc.


With the trend of overall customization and the more attention paid by consumers to personal space, and in line with the trend and development direction of the times, customized products and services are bound to be a major direction for the future development of sanitary ware enterprises--simplification and integration. Faced with the pursuit of fashion personality and focus on the quality of life consumer groups, Opaly® continues to introduce new products, and can adjust the technical solutions according to customer needs to provide customers with satisfactory and personalized products.

R & D Team

Opaly® attaches great importance to talent introduction and has a high-quality research team. The technical center has 55 sets of R&D equipment, which is dedicated to research and development and innovation. It is responsible for the development of new products and new processes. It meets the requirements of the industry's technical standards, strives for excellence, and achieves a leading level in technology. Opaly® invests R&D expenses in the company's annual sales revenue of more than 5%. Through equipment innovation, process innovation, material innovation and optimization of production processes, it has completed 16 scientific and technological achievements transformation and has 12 independent intellectual property rights patents.

Win-win Cooperation

Success lies in cooperation and cooperation for a win-win situation. Opaly® always takes the interests of customers as the focus of attention, aims to provide quality products, keeps its promises, take responsibility, pays attention to the individual needs of users, clarifies the market-oriented policy, solve the doubts and anxiety of users.


Cooperation is the process of common growth. Opaly® adheres to the honest market operation, intimate and perfect service, establishes a good corporate image in the market, always adheres to the sustainable development strategy, and reaches a consensus with the user goals. Opaly® products lead the domestic market and sell to all over the world.

Brand system construction

Opaly® adheres to the quality improvement plan and implements the high performance management model. It has passed the certification of quality, environment, occupational safety, intellectual property management and information security. The “Opaly®” brand was rated as Guangdong famous brand products.


Participated in the drafting of one of the industry standards and drafted one of the leading group standards. Because of the production management work norms, it was successfully rated as a 4A standardization good behavior enterprise.

Looking to the future

Opaly® adheres to the quality as the center, grows with customers, develops together and builds an international famous brand. Users are always trustworthy friends, support people-oriented, and put consumer health first.


We will continue to innovate, and gradually move toward a broader market, writing a more brilliant new chapter in the industry.


Opaly® is your trusted partner. Opaly® make your home more beauty!

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